by Latchstring

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Latchstring are a mildly noisy collective of liberal socialist feminist leftists, punk hardcore emo indie rockers and meat eating vegan vegetarians, some of whom will drink all your beer but all of whom will drink your coffee and judge you on your books and records. We’re all trying to be better people, but you could have worse house guests than us, you know?

Latchstring are:
Catherine – the claw // Ben – Joe Lally // Jack – no cow bell // Phil – no range // Stu – swirl //

Recorded by Tim at Southsea Sounds, Portsmouth on Saturday January 21st 2017 // Millions marched in support of women’s rights in the face of Trump’s inauguration. Stu wore a jumper that matched the sofa //

Cover art by Ben // Words by Phil except Soundbite by Ben // Music by Latchstring // Crew back-ups by Latchstring and El Morgan //

There are a lot of shitty people in the world, if you aren’t one of them, then cheers – you might be on our thank you list.


released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Latchstring Southampton, UK

Southampton five piece. Revolution Summer/Emotional Hardcore/Youth Crew vibes.

Email: latchstringpunks [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Track Name: Soundbite
Step into the dry eye heat. Job Centre Commandant. Temper too great for his stature to handle, removing my safety net like anvils on ant hills. Now I'm sat on a wall in the cold October air, fingers pulling at my damp hair. Sound-bite politicians say: “We'll make work pay.” The history of my labour on stacks of copy paper. Fragile white plastic at the water cooler , selling myself to the lowest bidder. We'll make work pay. We'll make work fair. Make work pay. Make work fair. Fair pay. Pay fair.
Track Name: Orbit
The worlds turning but never turning here. Someone’s losing, but never here. The end is coming but it never reaches here. Bridges burn, leaving us here to act like poverty is choice, sickness suspect, unemployment bad character... To pretend bubbles don’t burst, bodies don’t break, that wounds inflict themselves. It never reaches us. It never touches us. (Until it does).
Track Name: Fossil
The world changes around you; you can't stop it but you try... Try to freeze a moment, try to freeze your life. The only dreams that don't grow are dead. Keep on doing what you've done; each time you feel a bit less. The dreams that don't grow are dead. The hopes that don't grow are dead. Your returns are diminishing. Your memories are diminishing.
Track Name: Solstice
I look for hope beyond the headlines. I focus hard on not listening and try to remember that we are not just drowning in self interest, that we can stand by each other and all the times that’s we’ve done. They’re not me. That’s not you. They’re not us. I look for hope beyond the headlines. I hold the kindness in myself, and remember the gifts of strangers; acts of respect, acts of compassion, of daily struggles solved together and all the times that’s we’ve done. There is something better in our hearts.